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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Back Again!

Long summer... good summer:-)... last summer vacation, maybe the last one forever:-(

Sooo back I came back to Wales, for my third and final year of my course. Hoping for a great year...

The first three weeks we have been doing specialist animation. Which is doing animations in Maya instead of Max. This was quite a big thing for me to comprehend. Been working in Max since I began with CG some 4 or so years ago. Initially I hated the Maya controls and everything about it. But thats just the incompetance talking, so when I got into it more and adjusted a few hotkeys:-), the whole Maya experience softened up a lot more.
Though to Autodesk I have to say this;"Please please, make a hotkey transfer tool!" Would be so much easier to transfer between application if the hotkeys/navigation were the same.

The objectives for the project was to produce a canon ball and rubber ball animation, then move into bipedal. And here it is:-

I gotta say the whole lot of not very good. Been a looonggg while since Ive done any proper animating, so it was nice to get into it again, but I gotta work on my workflow. It got quite confusing in the end, when I had so many keys all over the time line.

Right so next project is the pre-production for our major project, which for me is gunna be a film again. Gunna be posting spare time stuff as well as some of the progression of the film.


Oliver Atton-Higgins said...

Good work as usual! The ending on the last one is a nice touch too :)